Picking up Prescriptions

Delivery Services

Get Your Medicine Delivered by Community Health Rx Pharmacy 

Available thru our own delivery drivers or thru or delivery partners.  We serve 5 mile radius from the Pharmacy. Call for longer distances.

Ready to set your prescriptions up for Delivery? 
You can set up delivery a couple ways.

  1. Call in for a specific delivery

  2. Or, call in to state that you want that all your prescriptions and refills be delivered.

​Prescriptions and refills must be requested for delivery by noon to be delivered on the same day. Otherwise, the delivery will be set up for Next Business Day (Monday – Friday, and no holidays).  Delivery occurs  between 1 PM and 5 PM.

If the distance from the pharmacy is only 2 miles radius, the driver may be able to go back to the pharmacy after 1PM for a subsequent pick-up.

Note: We cannot allow the prescriptions to be delivered but to the authorized person(s). Please have your ID ready for the delivery.

Note:  If you have a dog or other animal that attacks the delivery person, we will no longer delivery to your address.  

  • Co-Pays are not collected by the delivery driver

  • If co-pay is required,  the pharmacy will send to you an SMS to pay via a secured payment app.


  • What is the charge for the delivery?
    The delivery is free within the 8 miles radius of the pharmacy.  For longer distances we can either ship the medication via FEDEX or call for the pharmacy to obtain permission for delivery.


  • Can I pick the time when my delivery will arrive?
    No. The delivery will be made on the same day between 1 and 5.  If prescription received after noon, then the delivery will take place on the next business day.


  • Is there a distance the pharmacy will delivery?
    Yes.  5 mile radius of Torrington.  Please call the pharmacy if you live further than the 5 mile radius 


  • Do you deliver on Public Holidays
    No. We do not currently deliver on Public Holidays. But that may change. 


  • Do the delivery drivers work for the pharmacy?
    Mostly yes. But can be a driver working for a delivery company.


  • What to do when the delivery driver arrives?
    For Spanish speakers, the driver has an interpretation app.
    - Please tie your dogs on a leach and away from the driver.
    - Please have your identification card ready.


  • What if the prescription has a co-pay?
    - Co-Pay assistance is available for certain medications. See https://www.patientrebateonline.com/
    - The driver will not collect co-pay.
    - If co-pay is required, you will get an SMS with a web link to pay the co-pay via credit card.  Or pay via credit card saved info.


  • What if you change your mind about delivery?
    - Please call the pharmacy so that pick-up can be set.


  • What about data privacy?
    - We make security and privacy a priority. We abide by HIPAA regulations and information security protocols, and only request information that is strictly necessary to arrange a delivery.


  • Will I have to sign for the prescription?
    During the Covid-19 times, we are not collecting signatures upon delivery. Your medication will be delivered to you as long you can provide ID. However,  a a later time, signatures may be required if the government deem so.


  • How to check the status of the delivery?
    If we have received your order with specified for delivery, or if your client profile is set to delivery, there is no need to call the pharmacy. If we have an issue with delivery, we will call you.  Please make sure we have your mobile number.


  • Can the delivery bring other items?
    No. The delivery driver can deliver only the medications.